In response to the COVID-19: Guidance for the safe use of places of worship from 15 July, published 29 June 2020, New Testament Baptist Church conducted a risk assessment. The full Covid-19 risk assessment is available in the church office. In this summary, we have outlined our findings and advice to begin in-person church operations while taking measures to mitigate the spread of Covid-19.

Advised Gathering Limit – The size and setting of the main auditorium (including ventilation) has been evaluated and marked off for 2 metre social distancing. In its’ current configuration, the auditorium can accommodate approximately 40 people (depending on family group sizes). Windows will be opened (when possible) to increase ventilation.

Social Distancing – A one-way flow system is deemed unnecessary due to the low anticipated attendance (less than 30). If larger numbers of people attend, we will institute a one-way flow system. Access to non-essential areas will be restricted.

Hygiene – Upon entering or leaving the building, hands should be washed (hand washing/sanitising posters are in place) or hand sanitiser used. The restrooms will have the doors propped open and windows opened to increase ventilation. A one-in, one-out policy is in effect for bathroom usage. *Exception – household members or those included in a household “support bubble”.

Face Coverings & Singing – Please wear a face covering. We will not have congregational singing at this time. However, we will have instrumental music with one singer.

Phased re-opening

Phase 1: As of Sunday, 26 July, in-person Sunday morning services have resumed at NTBC. The services will begin at 11:00 AM. Sunday School (via Zoom call) will be held at 9:00. We should finish up Sunday School before 10:00, so there will be plenty of time to get to the church for our 11:00 service. We’ll also record the AM service and post it to Youtube later in the day. This way we can limit our time in the building to just the 11:00 Worship Service. We will all (children and adults) be together in the auditorium for the service. Also, we won’t be serving any refreshments after the service.

Sunday evening and Wednesday prayer services will continue as Zoom meetings. 

Phase 2: (Date to be announced) Sunday School classes and Wednesday evening Prayer Services will resume on the premises (with social distancing). All services held on the premises.

Phase 3: Back to normal. Special activities/meals on premises allowed. Men’s prayer breakfast, Ladies Fellowship re-started. Coffee/tea/refreshments re-instated.

Sunday morning services have resumed.


Please go to the Covid 19 update page for details.